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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 1, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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chandra levy. he said he added $10,000 from his campaign fund toward a missing persons reward. condit told prosecutors, quote, you just don't think this is going to happen to someone you know. you hope they are somewhere safe but i started to panic because of dr. leafy's reaction. condit testify he met levy through a staffer and she would visit his office and call him several a time a week and even visited his home. that's where they first interviewed him. and he told prosecutors he felt like police were framing him. the federal prosecutor harassing him. quote, i began to feel like a suspect because they were prying in playing they had no business prying. he said. though he once admitted the two had an affair, he never discussed the details publicly and pled the 5th when he was subpeonaed before the grand
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jury in 2002. he said, quote, we're all entitled to some level of privacy. my family is. chandra is. i have a right to set boundaries. i didn't commit a crime. at 6:00 we'll break down the time line and tell you when he last spoke to chandra levy before she went missing and what was said. >> i understand that gary condit got pretty emotional on the stand at one point. what can you tell us about that? >> it was interesting. he choked up on the stand. he was talking about 9/11. he said a staffer called him and he turned on the news and saw what many of us saw that day, the attack on the twin towers. he he said 45 minutes later he looked out the window and the crowd of 100 reporters that was staking out his house all left within 45 minutes. >> delia gonsalves reporting. thanks. metro is investigating what caused an escalator to speed up over the weekend, injuring four people and scaring a lot of
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others. it happened on saturday at the elephant -- l'enfant station. bruce johnson is live. >> reporter: this escalator, a third of those in service at dupont circle, all it is collecting right now is leaves and trash. most metro riders don't have a lot of confidence in the escalators period. and what happened this weekend in southwest won't help matters at all. four people were injured without warning on saturday when the down escalator without warning sped up at the l'enfant station. >> people couldn't keep up with the pace of the escalator and jumping and people started tripping. a pile the bodies and screaming and running around. >> reporter: metro said a ridership -- set a ridership record that day.
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>> that concerns me. there has been too many problems on metro and they need to work on maintenance. >> reporter: metro has been struggling to keep up. the system has 588 escalators, more than any other transit system in all of the country. some of the riders today had their own escalator nightmare. >> we were going up and the escalator started rolling back. >> one time i was on it and i was coming down and the escalator came to a complete stop. >> reporter: metro said an average of 50-60 escalators are out of service on any given day. and the average escalator is 25 years old and running nearly nonstop, 24 hours a day. >> while we were on the escalator it was operating normally and then all of a sudden sped up like -- like i couldn't even imagine. >> frightening? >> it was very frightening. >> reporter: again metro won't provide anybody to talk with us on camera. the p.r. people will say on the phone that they are investigating the
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situation at the l'enfant plaza metro stop. they don't know what the cause is right now and they don't know if it's system wide but will let us know. let me ask these people. what do you think of metro escalators? >> we're from out of town. >> you survived it. you're from out of town. okay. >> luck of the draw, there, bruce. thanks. one day before the election race, this is a homecoming for o'malley and ehrlich. scoot broom followed them back to their baltimore area roots to see a close of the bitter rematch. >> reporter: governor martin alley back on the tough streets of baltimore where he cut his political teeth as the mayor that cut crime. >> i need you tomorrow. >> i'm there. >> reporter: for o'malley, ahead 14 points in one washington post poll, it is his re-election to lose as he tries to inspire this majority
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democratic city to come out in big numbers. >> i think they are resolved to vote. not in a you've oric way. but people are resolved to move forward. >> there is a tide out there. >> reporter: in the baltimore county suburbs, former republican bob ehrlich talked turnout as his key to getting his seat back. >> this time people are really excited and it's all turnout. >> reporter: earlier in the day ehrlich was in montgomery county hoping to ride on the anti-washington wave. one key is prince george's county. heavily democratic but a lack of undecided local races to excite voters. this is where democrats who stay home could spoil o'malley's re-election. >> there is no doubt the conservative tidal wave will
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turn out voters for bob ehrlich. what remains to be seen is whether the democratic majority will turn out enough to stem the tide. in baltimore, scott broom, 9 news now. >> there was a small surprise today at a race that has had few of them. student newspaper at the university of maryland endorsed ehrlich, despite an o'malley freeze on tuition. today democrats across the country launched a full-court press to convince supporters they need to get out and vote. republicans remain in the lead and they are not letting up the pressure. joel brown joins us live from capitol hill where the g.o.p. is pretty confident heading into tomorrow. joel. >> reporter: anita, it is election day eve and here on capitol hill this is the calm before the storm. or as many polls suggest, the republican tsunami. president obama spend the final hours of the campaign getting out the vote from the white house. he taped radio interviews and later tonight he'll make calls to fire up activists and
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organizers in a handful of battleground states. as the president works the phones, other leading democrats are working the crowds. first lady michelle obama still on the campaign trail. and so is former president bill clinton, whose headlined more than 100 campaign rallies this year. like this one for congressman billowens in new york. >> i would personally rather have someone who served in the military and knew how to create jobs right here. >> reporter: democrats are making their 11th hour argument, fighting to mobilize their own base and win back support from undecided voters. they'll need every vote to hold back what polls predict will be a republican tidal wave. most surveys say democrats might be able to hold on to the senate, but republicans are expected to easily win control of the house. if that happens, john boehner is in line of coming the next speaker. he's keeping a low profile but campaigned in ohio over the
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weekend. >> i'm not nancy pelosi or barack obama, i say what i mean and i mean what i say. >> reporter: baner is hoping that translated into victory at the polls but neither party is taking any chances. they are throwing cash and star power into races and using every minute left to keep campaigning. and a large number of voters have already made their choice. so far more than 13.5 million americans have voted early. we're live on capitol hill, i'm joel brown, anita, back to you. >> we'll be following it all very closely. and one race in our area could help shape the new balance of powner congress. we'll take a closer look at the jerry connelly keith fimian. for a voters guide to all of the races around here, log on to better protect your plants. there may be a freeze tonight. topper is out on the terrace with your forecast first. >> it's beautiful right now. but probably the coldest night so far of the young fall
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season. let me show you where the freeze warnings and frost advisories have been posted. fairfax county west and north. montgomery county north, that is your freeze warning. the district south and east, that is your frost advisory. and that does include friends down in southern maryland. you are under a frost advisory tonight. you're the first one of the season. temperatures right now 54 downtown. 52 up in gaithersburg. the air is very dry, winds have died down so this air mass will cool off very, very quickly as we go through the nighttime hours. so for tonight, clear and cold, freeze north and west, frost d.c. south and east, lows 28-38 and winds northeasterly at 5- 10. we'll come back and talk about what you can do to protect your plants and we'll have an hour by hour forecast for election day. and also a flu alert and a reminder there is no time like now to get protected. today two different montgomery county schools doubled as health clinics offering true
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vaccine. no needles and no waiting. the montgomery county health department gave out nearly 700 doses for kids 2-18 at the two different clinics. this year you only need one vaccine, whether the nasal spray for in ] >> they are both components to seasonal and h1n1 and they are both in the shot or flu mist. >> more chances to get the vaccine for free are available. parents can call 311 or go to your county health department website for more dates and locations. police are investigating a couple of armed robberies today in takoma park. one happened at the intersection of holly and tulip avenues. the other at maple and carol avenues. police say the suspects implied they had a gun and took property from their victims. those suspects were last seen fleeing in a silver car, possibly a honda, toward the d.c. line. we now have an update on the rower who went missing in fairfax county last month. police confirmed that the body of 64-year-old julia shew has been recovered. that discovery was made in
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fountain head regional park in fairfax station. the location was near where the champion rower's boat was capsized and found earlier this month. police are investigating a crash involving one of their own in prince george's county. it happened this morning along old branch avenue in brandywine. police say the officer was responding to a call when he lost control of his cruiser and it hit a tree. as you can see right there. the officer wasn't seriously hurt and no one else was injured. we have a commuter alert for drivers headed through reston. hunter mill road will be close at dulles from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and this will allow work on the metrorail project. and officials say you can be in for significant delays. a heads up for drivers on rock creek parkway. parts of beach drive will be closed from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. tomorrow and wednesday. the roadway will be closed from rock creek and potomac park to
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cringle road. the move will permit maintenance and wssc workers to make some emergency repairs. and you could call it perfect timing for commuters in prince william county. sky 9 was over the eastern part of the county where v-dot has retimed 75 traffic signals. transportation officials say the changes should mean less stop and go traffic. let's get a check of our evening rush hour traffic with andre. how is it going? >> some doe -- stop and go from king street to duke street. beyond that point slowing will continue on 95 just below the beltway heading through newington to the occuquan bridge. although not too bad. then on the beltway in maryland we're sluggish. stop at the 395. just the usual afternoon
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slowdown there. and venturing on toward 270 northbound, doe -- stop and go from the beltway to beyond montrose road. it looks like that will be with us for a while yet. ladies. >> thanks, richard. you may have thought about it, but one driver did it. police are searching for the person setting montgomery county speed cameras on fire. the investigation over the al-qaeda bomb plot spans three continents. i'm charlie d'agata in london. we'll have all of the details coming up.
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the trial is underway for the man achoosed of kidnapping elizabeth smart. after eight years of delays, bribe -- brian mitchell is facing charges. he was kicked out of court today for singing hymns during jury selection. smart was just 14 years old when she was taken from her utah home in the middle of the night. she was rescued nine months later. if found guilty mitchell could
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be sentenced to life in prison. the u.s. and governments across the globe with taking a much closer look at air cargo. investigators are trying to trace bomb parts. and as charlie d'agata reports, they are looking for more mail bombs that may have been sent from yemen. >> reporter: security at britain airports is getting tighter. the government is banning toner cartridges, even in hand luggage. it's also extending a ban of all cargo from yemen to include somalia. >> it is based on possible contact between al-qaeda in yemen and terrorist groups in somalia. >> reporter: the strict measures come after the discovery of two printer cartridge bombs intended for the u.s. investigators haven't found fingerprints but say the design of the bombs points to almost bock maimer ibrahim hasan al-asiri. the sudy fugitive -- the study fugitive is thought to be
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hiding out in yemen. security experts are required to better screen cargo leaving the country. >> the challenges in the broader arena where we have over 7 billion pounds of cargo shipped worldwide every year. >> reporter: the government is in a talk to tighten security and the prime minister said it's better to cut out the cancer of al-qaeda in yemen. >> in the end the terrorists think that our connectedness or openness is what makes us weak. they are wrong. it's the source of our strength. >> reporter: the investigation into the bomb plot now spanned three couldn't innocent -- continents. u.s. officials are warning there may be more bombs out there. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> more than half of the cargo flown into the united states comes on passenger plane making cargo bombs a tempting way to
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attack civilians. a massacre at a bagdad church killed almost everyone inside. more than 50 people are dead and close to 70 others wounded after militants wearing suicide vests stormed the church during sunday evening mass. >> they opened fire on the street before walking into the church. we were praying inside. they rounded us up and gathered all of us in the hall. they beat them and they besieged us inside the hall and started to beat us. >> it is not clear whether militants killed the hostages or if they lost their lives during the rescue operation. the islamic state of iraq is claiming responsibility. pope benedict has denounced the attack. a landslide killed a mother and 2-year-old son in tuscany. their bodies were pulled from the rubble this morning. an earlier mudslide in that region swept away a 45-year-old man working in his vineyard at
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the time. firefighters are still trying to reach him. mount -- volcano erupting again in indonesia. 70,000 villagers have been removed from the area. and does this mean the all earthy sufferers will be okay because of the fast? >> just the mold spores. but we'll talk about first things first. the november almanac, since this is the first of the month and a good way to sort of describe the month to you, let's go to graphics, looking at temperatures taking a dive. the first of the month, it's 64 and 45. those are the average high and low. by the end of the month, it's down to 53 and 36. we average over 3-inches of rain an inch of snow downtown. out in the burbs, almost 3
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inches of snow. so november can be interesting. the next three days, chilly tomorrow and 54 but bright and brisk, no reason not to vote. 55 on wednesday. cold rain developing on thursday. temperatures will struggle to get to 50 on thursday. almost a nor'easter coming our way. election day looks like this, 38 by 7:00 and these are downtown temperatures. so if you're in the burbs we're talking upper 20s. by noon probably 50. and then by evening still chilly. a temperature of about 54 but no reason not to get out and vote for crying out loud. temperatures right now 51 in bethesda. 50 in arlington. warmer readings of 54 downtown. 54 in college park and 53 up in laurel. out to the west, 50 as gow into fairfax and loudoun county. temperatures will fall very quickly tonight when the sun goes down. it's a very dry air mass. so clear and cold. freeze northwest. winds light northest early at 5- 10. gaithersburg 29, rockville 32
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and downtown 38 and you can get frost with 38 degrees. 32 in college park. off to the west, 30 in fairfax, 29 in sterling, 29 in leesberg and middleberg and 29 also some manassas. so what can you do? bring your plants indoors. cover your plants. remember to uncover them. because if you go to work and leave them, the sun will hurt them. soak your plants. and tomorrow morning, grab your coat and sunglasses. 20s and 30s. and then by afternoon, mostly sunny and chilly. highs near 55. winds light though out of the northeast at about 10. all if all pretty nice. next seven days. mid-50s on tuesday, election day, and also on wednesday. cold rain on thursday. only about 50. even colder over the weekend. friday and saturday, mountain snow showers and i even think we could even see a flurry north and west of town saturday. don't let that discourage you. got the autism speaks walk at
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the mall on saturday morning. want to see you out there. temperatures recover quickly. 60 on sunday with sunshine and 60 on monday. i couldn't fit it on the seven- day, but you turn your clocks back and you have an extra hour of sleep or whatever you want to do with it. >> on sunday? >> it's 2:00 a.m. sunday, you can be a stickler and stay up until 2:00 a.m. >> we'll just take the extra hour. >> i would do it saturday night before bed. >> thanks, topper. coming up next on 9 news now. >> i'm so happy. >> caught on tape, the moment a dad and teenage daughter are rescued after being stranded in the snow for three days. we'll be right back with that.
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caught on tape. a girl videotapes hee -- her three days stranded. why the man and her daughter are so very thankful to be alive. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a one-day hunting trip but
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it turned into a three-day struggle for survival, against mother nature and the odds. >> the tires are not okay. >> reporter: a flat tire left matthew gearing and his daughter kiah stuck in a re moat mountain road wondering if they would ever be found. >> the first night i sat on my dad's lap and bawled my eyes out. >> reporter: their little camp was blanketed by two feet of snow and dad and daughter did what they could to stay warm. even hunting an elk for food. as the days turned into freezing nights, they had to way of knowing a search was underway to bring them home. >> it's like looking for a needle in the hay stack. >> reporter: finally on day three the sound of a helicopter circled overhead. >> they found us. daddy, they found us. >> thank god, baby. >> they found us. i'm so happy. >> reporter: and all the while
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camera kept the camera on her cell phone, even while climbing on board. >> i'm just excited we're rescued. >> reporter: it's a father- daughter adventure they will never forget. and one their family hopes they will never repeat. >> kiah said she almost cried when they were rescued but it wasn't until she saw the rest of her family that she really broke down into tears. >> what an incredible story. coming up next new at 5:30. >> this is a control box to a speed camera lit on fire overnight. that story is coming up.
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maryland's governor martin o'malley. endorsed by the washington post for his "tough, decisive steps" on the state budget and unwavering commitment to education. o'malley's made college more affordable. he's helping restore the health of the chesapeake bay, has forward-looking plans on transportation and a record reducing violent crime. governor martin o'malley. one leader moving maryland forward.
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women are charged 40% more for the same health insurance as men. domestic violence is treated as a pre-existing condition
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in eight states. women are abused by their husbands and then by their insurance companies. and last year they tried to end our coverage for mammograms and other preventive services. well i'm proud to say i got the law changed. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know that being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. right now, new at 5:30, police say somebody is torching speed cameras in montgomery county. >> this could be the start of something for the women of the tea party. and so far ghosts and goblins, hello santa. holiday shopping is coming early. someone is setting fire to speed cameras overnight. it happened in two locations. lindsey mastis joins us live from gaithersburg with more on
5:30 pm
what investigators know. >> reporter: well it may have been halloween yesterday, but investigators say this is not prank. they said whoever set a fire to this control box did so intentionally and meant to cause a lot of damage. it was about 2:00 a.m. when a driver saw the flames and called police. this speed camera control box was on fire. >> it was definitely evidence of a fire and some tampering of the box. >> reporter: by dawn investigators were out in force searching for evidence and finding it. >> the box itself was open and typically those boxes are locked. >> reporter: soon they learned another speed camera control box had also been burned, about four miles away along germantown road. fire investigators say it happened around 5:20 in the morning. montgomery county fire and ems said they are trying to extract information from the device, including pictures of speeding cars. >> so we have a lot of the
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electronic components and it might have a hard drive. >> reporter: he said each control box cost $40,000. people who live near the box on orchard said the cam are yous are a nuisance. >> they are a hindrance and people see the cameras and slow down and causing problems for people behind them. >> reporter: but they all say setting the speed camera on fire right. >> i hope they answer for their misdeeds and damage. they should pay for it, if they are found out. >> reporter: garcia said vandalism to speed cameras isn't new. >> some were damaged when they were first implemented, but not with fire. >> reporter: police have investigated and collected evidence from the area. now they are looking for surveillance footage from the
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businesses and residents around here. lesli. >> a few things like a speed camera, and vandalism to a speed camera, what kind of things were done. >> reporter: in the fast they say it's not fire. this is the first time they've seen fire set to one of these. but people will target the lens of the camera and spray paint over it so it can't capture footage of the cars speeding by. >> lindsey mastis, thank you for that. and as you could imagine, this story is getting a lot of reaction today on our facebook page. charlie believes all speed cameras should be burned. peter said it's hard to sympathize with the city. and roger writes good, my wife has been nailed by that stupid thing twice. people who live in a silver spring neighborhood are finally getting peace and quiet. as of today trains are no longer required to blow their whistles at the forest glenn road train crossing north of the beltway. area has now been designated a quiet zone. it's something people who live there have been fighting ten years to accomplish. new parking rules are in
5:33 pm
effect for the people in the town of vienna. starting today, water crabs, boat trailers, motor homes, camping trailers and other restricted vehicles cannot be parked on public streets. and the ordinance includes an exception for vehicles being actively loaded or unloaded. the first time offense carries a fine between $50 and $250. for more stories from where you live go to and find your community and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. and if you have a story or a new tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the team. an unlikely halloween companion has a virginia woman in hot water. 20-year-old elaina was caught walking her pet fox yesterday. the 7-month-old fox named swiper, like from dora, was wearing a skeleton costume when it was seized at the reston town center. she's charged with unlawful possession of wildlife. we are hours away from election day.
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>> and tonight the tea party is poised to have change the political landscape in congress. >> with sara palin paving the way, several female candidates are taking up the battle cry. and as manuel gullegos reports sh -- the tea party is making an impact in washington. >> reporter: christine o'donnell. >> i want to go to washington and do what you would do. >> reporter: the tea party paid for the 30 minute heart felt commercial. chris coons is taking a more direct approach. >> of all of the scary things you'll see today, this might be the most frightening. >> reporter: polls show koonce in the lead. o'donnell is one of several women in the tea party movement banking on the now familiar rallying cry. let government, and lower
5:35 pm
taxes. leading wait, tea party favorite sara palin who predicts a political earth cake quake. sharron angle could start it. polls she she is neck and neck with harry reid. and barbara boxer is getting attacked for pushing obama policies. >> if we raise our voices together, tomorrow we will win and california will win. >> reporter: despite so many women running, analysts say the overall number of women in congress may decline for the first time in 30 years, since so many female democrats are in tough races. manuel gullegos, cbs news, washington. >> christine o'donnell is having trouble airing her ad. they did not purchase advance time on networks. so far no broadcasting time is available in a chunk like that. what is the weather going to be like for election day? time to get out and vote.
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topper shutt with your out-and- about forecast. >> here is the deal. very nice. we'll start with tonight, if you are headed out, grab a coat and sunglasses until the sun goes down. it's very nice. temperature by 6:00 about 52. and then temperatures in the upper 40s. these are downtown temperatures. by 10:00 it will be cold, mid- 40s. and so trying to walk the dog one last time, it will be in the 30s in the burbs. let's talk about the election- day forecast. it's going to be great. the good news is it won't be windy and it will be dry. yes, it will be on the chilly side. 38 to start at 7:00. 50 by lunchtime. and then 54 by evening. but without the wind, it will feel pretty comfortable. if you want to just wait until it gets to be 50, just wait until the noon hour. next three days, 54 tomorrow, 55 on wednesday. and thursday a storm coming at us from the gulf of mexico, or essentially from the gulf of mexico. almost like a nor'easter. cold rain, temperatures struggle to get to 50 on thursday. we'll come back and i'll show
5:37 pm
you the seven day and i put something in there i haven't done in the last six months. we'll show you what that is. anita, back to you. up next, pictures of a grizzly bear and bison down a road in yellowstone national park. and don't forget we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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take a look at these shots from yellowstone park. a man said he was killing time last year when he suddenly saw a bear chasing a bison. that's action photography. he pulled his car to the side of the road while the beasts raced past. bison got away when it
5:40 pm
outmaneuvered the bear after reaching the woods. >> that's a takedown right there. let's get a check on the evening rush. richard andre has your time saver traffic. >> we're still see something slowdowns and bright lights on the inner loop, montgomery county from 355 to beyond new hampshire avenue. on the other side we're slow from the outer loop to past georgia avenue. all lanes open on the beltway in each direction at that point. heading out toward i-270 a slowdown above the beltway passing old georgetown road to montgomery village. slowdowns toward 109 but nothing too major. virginia southbound i-395 in from king street to duke, we have the slow spot there. then the speeds pick up again approaching the beltway only to slow down again on southbound 95 heading down toward the occuquan bridge. back to you. >> thanks, richard. redskin fans get ready for this one. mike shanahan said he benched donovan mcnabb in part because he's not in good enough shape. more from today's revealing
5:41 pm
post-game press conference after the break. we'll take you out and show you the pollen count. we're still getting pollen readings. go to our website to access it at click on the weather tap and follow the drop-down menu. everything is low, weeds, grass, pollen. and we'll tell you why everything will go away after tonight. and area stores are already decking their halls. i know it seems early. but we have an early look at what people are buying and how much they plan to spend after the break. take a closer look at keith fimian and his inspection business. fimian's former business partner said fimian lied, his record "built upon a fraud." his business sued more than 40 times. slapped with thousands in liens.
5:42 pm
its corporate status revoked. now we learn fimian signed a campaign pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations outsourcing jobs. fraud, failed policies. unfortunately, that's keith fimian.
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. halloween decorations have been replaced by lights, bulbs and women -- and trim. and some of us have already started to shop. and it offers a snapshot of where people plan to spend. >> reporter: most people plan to spend the same or less this
5:45 pm
holiday season, according to a consumer reported poll. but most adults plan to spend more and a survey show that's even those cutting back, aren't cutting back everywhere. >> we found shoppers spending less on travel and entertaining and gifts on themselves, but spending more on charitable giving and gifts for others. >> reporter: clothe is the most popular item. 68% of people polled say they have it on their holiday list. >> i like to give presents and see people be happy with things they enjoy getting. >> reporter: electronics are expected to be hot this year. especially video games. 39% said they plan to give a game. and if you are hoping get a greeter, one in ten plan to give one. and gift cards are just as popular as electronics. >> 62% of americans say they plan to give a gift card. that's higher than the percentage that told us they will give the gift card last year. but be warned, roughly one in four people who got a gift card
5:46 pm
last year have yet to spend it. >> reporter: as for pets, many can count on getting a little something. 26% of survey participants say they plan to give their furry friends a gift. >> and the shopping survey finds people are more value conscious this year. 42% say getting the best prices on gifts is critical. and that is good to know since consumer reports said more than 13 million americans are still saddled with debt from last year's holiday shopping. and to find the best black friday bargains check out our "ready, set, shop tool." >> you're putting pressure on me, lesli. you'll need a visa or mastercard the next time you have an overdue book in the district. d.c. public libraries have stop accepting cash. the reason is that the cost of sending armored vehicle to the libraries. but if you don't have a credit card you can pay your fines by
5:47 pm
check or money order. you u 2 fans it's time to mark your calendar as the irish rockers with coming back in concert. the 360-degree world tour will stop at m&t bank staid numb in baltimore june 22nd. tickets go on sale monday. they last played in september of '09 in land over. topper is here talking cool temperatures. >> it gets rid of the pollen. so there is good news. it gets rid of the ragweed and tree pollen, but not the mold spores. and here is your forecast first. the neck three days bright and brisk. election day chilly and nice, 54. 55 on wednesday. and then a cold rain on thursday. almost like a nor'easter. the storm system comes up from the deep south and eventually moves off to a position off the carolina coast. okay, let's talk about your election day planner.
5:48 pm
38 to start. you need sunglasses and a coat all day. certainly the sunglasses. 50 by lunchtime. and this 38-degree temperature is a downtown temperature. so we're talking upper 20s in the burbs. by evening 54 with sunshine across the board tomorrow. so really get out and vote. 50 in bethesda right now. 51 in rockville. 48 in gaithersburg and laytonsvillement and when the sun goes down shortly, the temperatures will fall like a stone. the winds are light and the air mass is dry and it's a perfect night for a frost and freeze. and we have a freeze warning issued. montgomery county north, that includes rockville and gaithersburg and also fairfax west and north, including fairfax county and loudoun county. the reason why you folks back in here don't have any advisories, you're growing season has ended. down to the south and east, we have frost advisories. and that's the first time we've seen frost advisories issued this far south into the northern neck. so protect your plants if you want to keep them. for tonight then, clear skies
5:49 pm
and it will be cold. freeze north and west, a frost south and east. winds light northeast at 5-10. 29 in gaithersburg tonight. 36 at andrews. off to the west, below freezing. 30 in fairfax, 29 in sterling. 29 up in leesberg. and 29 also in middleberg. so here is the deal. cold so far and bring your plants indoored. and cover them and soak them in water. remember to uncover them. those will keep your plants from getting nipped tonight. tomorrow morning sunny to start. grab your coat and sunglasses. by the afternoon very night. mostly sunny and chilly, highs near 55 and winds northeasterly at 10. next seven days, mid-50s tuesday and wednesday. cold rain on thursday. only 50. a cold night for high school football. and on saturday, we have all kinds of things going on on saturday. we have the autism speaks wall on the -- on the mall.
5:50 pm
and we have a snowflake on there. may see a flurry north and west of town, only in the 40s on saturday. and then looking at temperatures going back to about 60 quickly on sunday and monday of next week. >> you're doing the autism walk. i'm doing the heart walk. >> time to bundle up. >> 10:00 at nationals park. greg is here. and coach shanahan talked today about why he pulled donovan out of the game but he left many people with more questions after the explanation. >> it's a different story every time. and mike shanahan has been coaching a long time, he's supposed to be able to handle these situations and hasn't handled this one well. since taking head coach, shanahan has received everything from praise. everything from the handling of albert haynesworth to changing the culture, the team has receive high marks. but one thing came close to erasing it all. the benching of donovan mcnabb. and the explanation which is
5:51 pm
new today. >> rex knew how to run that two- minute offense, i felt with the time and no time outs he was the best chance to win. >> reporter: so today shanahan gave a different reason. mcnabb's health, a topic shanahan said he discussed with donovan last week. >> i talked to him about possibly sitting out this game after talking to our trainers because of his hamstring injuries. >> reporter: shana head the redskins haven't practice the two minute drill since the rams game in week three and felt mcnabb wasn't healthy enough to do it yesterday. >> it's hard to do that when you haven't practiced it and haven't put yourself out on any time of strenuous activities because of your hamstring. >> reporter: but then he admitted rex gross manhunt practice pact -- grossman monday practiced it early >> reporter: and even grossman
5:52 pm
was surprised. >> i was surprised but you don't have time to think about how surprised you are. you are trying to get ready and warm up. >> reporter: and grossman got sacked and the lions come away with the clinching touchdown. after the game mcnabb took the high road. >> he makes the decision. i continue to go with it and cheer for my team. >> reporter: shanahan reiterated mcnabb is the starting quarterback but with eight games to go, many are left wondering how much yesterday's decision will have a bearing on mcnabb's future in washington. >> the rest of the year he'll go out and he'll play great football for us and you can't concern yourself with next year. we have to worry about the next game. >> i hear the explanation and i'm not taking that either. i would take nick mab with a broken -- mcnabb with a broken leg over grossman. i think it's a lack of trust. i'm not calling shanahan a
5:53 pm
liar. all i'm saying is i don't buy the explanation. his resume speaks for itself and i think a lot of people agree. >> on our facebook page we asked if you think he made the right move. john answered no, donovan is the quarterback and with his experience and wins he deserved to stay in and get it done. >> but willie said he would have benched mcnabb a long time ago. he said it's the defense keeping the redskins in the games they've won. >> and jonathan said if he didn't know better he would think shanahan has adhd and forget to take his pills. >> redskins fans are tough. so tell us what you think. up next, using sound waves to ref up bones that are slow to heal. focusing on people we love the most. and the 11th district congressional race has been heated. i'm peggy fox in woodbridge. find out which candidates had a big-named visitor today.
5:54 pm
woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
i'm peggy fox with what do you do with all of the candy your kids got trick or treating. if you plan to have your kids have a little bit of a time that could set them up with tooth decay. it's better for the teeth to gobble it up all at once.
5:57 pm
to find out why go to my video blog on stocks started the week higher on wall street. the dow finished up 11,124. the nasdaq dropped two points and the s&p 500 500 rose 1 point. a new study suggests alcohol can be more dangerous than illegal drugs like crack or heroin. british experts evaluated several drugs ranking on how addicted they are. heroin and crack were most lethal. but alcohol then outranked them all. and as we get older some bones don't heal like they used to. but a simple device can help the body heal faster. >> reporter: kathy is glad to be walking again. she slipped on ice outside of her home last year, broking her lower leg in two places. >> the pain was excruciating. i've had three children and i had a c section and this pain
5:58 pm
was worse. >> reporter: doctors put in a plate and several screws but after a year on crutches, the leg bone still wasn't healing properly. she was facing the possibility of another major operation when doctors decided to try this device. >> to me it was more like a last resort before surgery. >> reporter: dr. strous uses ultrasound on patients. he said the sounds causes cells to regenerate. >> just 20 minutes a day will stimulate the bone cells just enough that it will heal even the most difficult fracture. >> reporter: and patients who undergo ultrasound therapy show more heal time. kathleen has been using ultrasound temperature at home for five months now. while she's not at 100%, she's back at work and getting
5:59 pm
better. >> i feel that my leg is healing faster. >> again, low level ultrasound is really recommended for slow healing breaks. that's most common in older patients or sometimes people with diabetes or people who smoke can be effected or anyone taking oral steroid medications. thanks for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts now. >> the man who once admitted to having an affair with chandra levy testified in court today. congressman gary condit left the courthouse with his wife and daughter. he refused to answer questions about the remans-- romance. but he did tell attorneys some details. delia gonsalves is live. >> reporter: gary condit testified he saw chandra levy when he


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